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Everything you've been waiting to know,

In Bite-Sized Pieces.

Let's be honest, the Bible is a big Book!
It's long, dense and often full of words that are unfamiliar. 
Trying to understand the Bible on your own can be intimidating.

Traditional Bible guides try to interpret God's word for you.

That's not what the the Bite-Sized Bible does.

We've put together easy to understand summaries of the People, Places and Stories in the Bible so you can build a foundation for your faith and come up with your own takeaways.

Clarity: The Bite-Sized Bible will help you gain a better understanding of the Bible

Confidence: Speak with self-assurance about knowing you have the correct context 

Foundation: Expand your Bible studies and discussions further than ever before with a rock-solid foundation of understanding

Save Time: Most Bible Study takes place over an entire year, with the Bite-Sized Bible you can lay the foundation of your faith in just a few minutes each day. 

Take a Look:

Now you can learn all the things you've been wanting to know about the Bible in a fraction of the time!

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